Gov. Rick Perry Uses Texas to Spread His Hate

Secular Texas yesterday called on Governor Rick Perry to apologize for his comments regarding the decision of the Boy Scouts of America to admit gay scouts. Perry issued a statement last Thursday expressing his disappointment in the decision. Perry and Congressman Louie Gohmert went on the anti-gay Family Research Council’s radio show the next day. Perry stated during the radio interview that God would hold the Boy Scouts of America accountable for its decision. Gohmert stated in the same interview that the decision of the Boy Scouts of America would lead to older gay scouts raping younger scouts.

A spokesman for Secular Texas said,

“We find it abhorrent that Governor Perry would be associated with such false and inflammatory statements as those made by Congressman Gohmert much less release a statement from the Governor’s office condemning the decision to admit gay scouts. We applaud the Boy Scouts for moving to include gay youths in their organization. Gay citizens of Texas deserve to know if Rick Perry represents them as governor, or just heterosexual Texas citizens.”

Secular Texas released the following open letter to Perry asking for an apology for his comments.

Gov. Rick Perry,

On Thursday, May 23, you used your position as Governor of the State of Texas to release an official statement through the Office of the Governor attempting to shame the Boy Scouts of America for their decision to end discrimination against homosexual boys wishing to be Scouts. As Governor of the State of Texas it is neither your duty nor your privilege to use the office to further your own personal prejudices and religious beliefs.

Does a child’s sexual orientation make him less deserving or able to enjoy and learn from the scouting experience in your eyes? Do all of our children, regardless of sexual preference, not deserve equal treatment and opportunity? Further, to cloak this hate in the guise of family values, suggesting that homosexuals are less deserving or less capable of healthy family relationships, is ignorant and shameful.

As Governor of Texas it is your constitutional responsibility to stand up for the rights of all Texans and to ensure that all Texans are treated equally by the government, including homosexual Texans. By shaming the BSA for their decision you have neglected to equally represent all citizens of Texas. You have called for the discrimination of our fellow citizens by a private organization based on your personal opinion. In addition, you have born false witness against the citizens of Texas that do not believe homosexuals should be shamed or discriminated against. You have done these things not as an individual citizen expressing a personal opinion, but as the Governor of Texas.

Your actions in this situation are unacceptable. We respectfully request that you officially withdraw your statement and issue an apology to the citizens of Texas for whom you have failed to stand.

In the future, if you wish to express your personal opinions we are sure you can find a medium other than the official channels of the State or using your position as an elected official of our State by which to have your voice heard.


Secular Texas